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The initial thought process surrounding the concept of purchasing may appear less than complex in nature however, the reality is, successful effective purchasing involves far more. When this is not fully realized, the project can be stripped of valuable time and available resources leaving a project opening date extended far beyond the original schedule and budgetary goals. Professional purchasing and supply management go hand in hand.


We continuously strive to improve the speed which we can react to budget requests from our clients. Our guide 1 and 2 Services offer aided by a clear explanation of the breakdown of these services have been well received by our clients.


There are various opinions surrounding which practices may best provide the ideal acquisition of products for a project. At I.S.A.C. we believe value is best represented when product is not compromised. From the many years we have been serving the industry, we have learned to source quality products which meet or exceed brand standards first, then negotiate not only as the owner’s representative but also as if we were financially invested ourselves. Even after we have negotiated the agreed price points for products, we continue to work on bringing additional savings on your behalf. There is no greater reward than that of informing a client we were able to lower their costs after agreeing on a budget.

The ISAC Advantage

The I.S.A.C. team prides itself in having over 30 years of experience in product selection, we are also fortunate in that we also possess a significant background in construction, development and manufacturing within the industry. This affords us the ability to look beyond that of what many of our competitors are accustom to as we constantly call on those experiences when making best choices for both product acquisition as well as product design and application for the client and their project. This goes a long way to mitigate many of the unknowns.


After developing complete understanding of your needs and researching market conditions, our team’s goal remains clear, develop a realistic budget through cooperation with ownership and their team of professionals. As your representative, we approach every project from the position of a vested partner embracing the highest awareness of design, product knowledge, service and functionality at every level of the project delivery to produce the best possible outcome.


We take your investment seriously by ensuring we apply comprehensive accounting practices that instill confidence and integrity at every stage of the process. We provide our clients with the in-depth overview of our managed documentation process which has been designed to prevent errors in the cost management process.

Supply Management

In order to successfully expedite the many important components which when combined satisfy the pre-determined milestones of any project, we believe assigning the right team for that project is the greatest single contributor. To properly fulfill each and every component as shown throughout the various stages of our ‘info circle’ the team much be acting as one with the client. From the early quotation process through submission & approvals, release of funds and onto the comprehensive logistics of delivery, our team will act as your working partner during this demanding process.


ISAC has guidelines in place to ensure that merchandise is signed for by the client or by the contracted installation team. As this is a sensitive process, it requires the cooperation from all parties.