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Our Services

Services Provided:
  • Procurement of F.F.&E. and O.S.&E.
  • Design
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management

After developing an understanding of your needs and researching market conditions, our team’s goal remains clear. Developing a realistic budget through cooperation with ownership and their team of professionals.
  • A realistic budget for financing purposes.
  • A transparent supply cost associated with a fixed procurement fee added to payment on the final project cost.
  • A professional purchasing team working with an in house design team to solve problems quickly and keep the job on schedule. Coordinating the brand responses to design issues with direct action by the procurement team.
    • Similar result can be attained with an Owner selected design team.
  • Dealing with the many, many suppliers on as needed basis and insuring delivery schedules are accurate.
  • Spreadsheets provided with updated costs, payments and bid analysis. 
    Owners do not have to field thousands of calls and emails from interested suppliers, existing suppliers, contractors. These calls are all funneled through ISAC early on in the project.
    Leaves time for owner to be:
    • Securing construction trades if we are not providing CM.
    • Putting an operation team together to staff the hotel.
    • Following the daily on site construction issues.
    • Dealing with franchisee training, attending brand meetings.
    • Getting new projects off the ground.

All of our clients are successful business people with specific skill sets and areas of expertise. 
There is no doubt that they are all capable of achieving results from taking on a purchasing mandate. However!

The questions are always the same:
  • Do I really have the TIME to do this well and or supervise an employee hired specifically for this task?
  • Does it affect us adversely or positively on the total job budget to hire a professional team?
  • Can a family member or a newly hired coordinator with limited exposure and experience meet the standards and savings presented by a Procurement/Design team with over 20 years experience?
  • How long will it take on the learning curve to package the purchasing as well as a team with over 20 years experience?